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Eight steps to boost your credit score

Possessing a poor credit rating can have a significant impact on any plans you have to purchase a property. With this in mind, making sure it’s in the best shape possible before making mortgage applications is always a wise move. The good news is that credit scores can be improved, and by sticking to the next eight steps, you can give yours a much-needed boost.

Register to vote

Adding your name to the electoral role will ensure your identity can easily be verified and is an absolute must.

Update your addresses

Ensure all your payment cards and associated accounts have your current address on them.

Consider a credit building card

If you have a poor or no credit history, these cards can be beneficial to show you can use credit responsibly.

Pay using direct debits

This method of paying will show lenders you can make regular payments, and they will be displayed on your bank statements.

Reduce your credit use

By using only a portion of the credit available to you, you will be established as a responsible borrower.

Pay debts

Wherever possible, pay any existing debts you have accumulated outright, or make payment arrangements in instalments you can manage.

Check for fraud

Check your credit reports for activity that isn’t yours and make sure it’s removed.

Cut financial ties

Ensure any past financial associations and previously shared accounts are removed from your report.

If you’re seeking expert advice on further ways to improve your credit rating, contact our professional team at Ingard today.