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Semi-exclusive buy to let mortgage products with enhanced affordability assessment

Family Building Society, part of National Counties Building Society, has recently launched semi-exclusive buy to let and mortgage products that are only available through a select few Mortgage Brokers including Ingard.

The semi-exclusive buy to let range includes two 5 year fixed products that offer a more generous affordability assessment than those available through their standard range. For example, a £100,000 mortgage will only require rent of £440, rather than the current £670 required on their standard range through these semi-exclusive 5 year deals!

Key benefits of Family Building Society’s 5 year fixed rate products:

  • LTV up to 70%
  • Mortgages from £45,000 – £500,000
  • Available on purchases and remortgages
  • Repayment and interest only options
  • Product fee from £249
  • These products are also available to limited companies and expats, a higher product fee will apply

If you are looking to purchase or remortgage a rental property in the next few months, then contact our whole of market team of Mortgage and Protection Advisers to find out whether you qualify for these fantastic products or if we can find you something even better. Call us on 01702 533 400 or arrange a call back.

Why are these products only available through Ingard and a select few other Mortgage Brokers?

Sometimes lenders trial new product innovations through Mortgage Brokers they work in close partnership with to allow them to assess the success of the product launch and to also allow them to limit the distribution of the products so they are not overrun with new enquiries.