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Helping you to raise funds without remortgaging

A second charge mortgage works just like a normal mortgage. It’s secured against your property and you will make monthly repayments until the full loan and interest is paid back. The beauty of this type of mortgage though is that you can raise funds for any legal purpose without disturbing your current mortgage. For example, home improvements, debt consolidation or a deposit for a buy to let.

If you have been declined by your current mortgage lender for a remortgage or further advance due to bad credit then don’t despair. We work with lenders who offer competitively priced second charge mortgage products for borrowers with current and past bad credit. Rates and criteria are really competitive and our team can access every lender in the marketplace, so you can feel rest-assured that we will get you the best deal.

Here are a few reasons why you should contact us:

  • You have some current or historic bad credit
  • If the best remortgage product for you was more costly than raising the extra funds you need through a second charge mortgage
  • You currently have an interest-only or low rate mortgage that you don’t want to disturb
  • You have already been turned away by high street lenders
  • You will incur costly early repayment charges from your current mortgage lender if you exit the product before the end of the term
  • You want to release equity in your property to raise a deposit for a buy to let
  • You are self-employed and are struggling to get some form of unsecured borrowing such as a personal loan
  • You need to raise funds for a business, such as an unexpected maintenance cost or large tax bill

We can help you explore thousands of products to find the best deal

Our Mortgage Advisers will provide you with a free no-obligation quote which we can then tailor to your needs. Don’t worry – this search will not affect your credit rating.

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