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Our Top 10 Considerations for First-Time Investors

Are you considering investing in your first buy-to-let property?  There’s good reason to. The rental sector has more than doubled since 2001 and it’s a trend that looks set to continue.  However, you should be aware that buying a property to let out is very different to buying a property to live in.  
Becoming a first-time investor is very exciting, but equally nerve-wracking.  To help you prepare, we’ve compiled our top ten considerations for prospective investors.

Whilst you may feel overwhelmed by the deluge of information and rules surrounding buy-to-let, a buy-to-let mortgage tends to be similar to a residential mortgage for first-time investors. However, as we mentioned earlier, there are some very important differences.  The main ones being the requirement for a higher deposit, fees and interest rates.  Like any mortgage, the greater your deposit, the better a mortgage deal you could potentially get. This is important because a lower mortgage rate means lower monthly repayments and a greater margin on your rental income.

Buying a rental property certainly isn’t something you should do on a whim – it’s a significant investment and therefore one that deserves significant research.  It’s crucial that you (landlords and particularly new landlords) seek expert advice from a qualified Mortgage & Protection Adviser.  Not only can our specialist team at Ingard help secure you a great deal in the short-term, but our extensive experience in structuring property portfolios can also add a great deal of long-term value and to ensure your properties are fully protected, we can also advise you on which type of insurance you will need.

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